Floppy Cat

Floppy Cat is a charming story based on the life of a REAL cat that didn't fit in! Instead of running, leaping, and pouncing like all the other cats, Floppy stumbles from side to side as he travels across the rickety barn floor. Every step he takes is a challenge, and sometimes he wonders why he has to be so different.


One day while the other cats are basking in the sun, Floppy is flip flopping across the farmyard, exploring every nook and cranny, searching for a new and exciting adventure. Then he makes an amazing discovery that changes the way he looks at everything–especially himself! Floppy's attitude becomes very evident–Enjoy Life! As you read Floppy Cat, hopefully both you and your child will be inspired to find the "Floppy Cat" inside of YOU!



"Floppy teaches us that life is not about focusing on our shortcomings, but rather about celebrating our own gifts, and that believing in ourselves will finally give us the courage to leave the safe haven of our own little red barn."
L.M. Feljestad, English Teacher, Camp Director, Musician


"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for visiting our school last Friday! The students loved hearing your story about Floppy Cat and how it came to be. The message is wonderful and one that I think all students should hear. What a wonderful opportunity for all of us! We look forward to following you and your upcoming books. Thanks so much again!"
Tina Feenstra & Brandon Elementary


"Kari has captured the idea of how positive attitudes can change the way we tackle obstacles in our lives and then succeed. You'll love the rhyme and colorful illustrations with which she tells the Floppy cat amazing story."
Shirley Moser


"This is a fun filled story for kids that gives a positive message.  It tells kids to have confidence and believe in yourself, and then you can do whatever you put your mind to. Floppy did, why can't you!"
Jill Solberg, Mother of 2, Business Owner


About the Illustrator

Kevin Riley is creative, witty and fun loving - a perfect match for Floppy Cat. After reading the Floppy Cat story and meeting the real Floppy, Kevin became flopified. His amazing illustrations portray Floppy purrrfectly! Kevin's work has appeared on Nickelodeon, Noggin, the Cartoon Network and Discovery Kids channels. His numerous professional awards include 25 Addy awards and an Emmy for "Outstanding Animation in a Children's Television Program". Kevin is currently directing a popular discovery kids show called Kenny the Shark and serves as runs his own creative studio, Kevin Riley Illustration & Animation.